Art Glass New Zealand – Volcanic Series by Lynden Over

Lynden Over is an award-winning New Zealand glass artist. His work is highly regarded and can be found in a number of galleries, museums and private collections throughout the country and internationally.┬áThe Volcanic Series is Lynden Over’s signature range.

Artistic exploration of NZ’s landscapes

In the Volcanic Series Lynden Over continues his artistic exploration of the geological landscape of New Zealand.

He uses a layering technique where trails of liquid glass are controlled to create coloured landscapes. Each piece of the Volcanic Series is a unique work of art.

Bowls, Teardrops, Volcanic Rocks & Hangi Stones

Lynden Over not only creates Teardrops but also an artwork representing a Hangi Stone – the oval-shaped river rocks used in the traditional Maori cooking pits.

To create this unusual shape Lynden stretches the piece of glass horizontally while it is 1000 degrees Celsius.

Nineteen different landscape themes

There are nineteen landscape designs ranging from green ‘Rolling Hills’ over red ‘Fiery Mountains to the grey hues of the ‘Tongariro’ National Park.

Currently, Lynden is developing the 20th design of the series. What’s it going to be? Sign up for our bi-annual news to be one of the first to find out.