Glass Art NZ Hangi Stones

You are a fan of the Lynden Over Volcanic Series and would like to expand your collection? Or are you looking for a unique New Zealand souvenir or art glass object? Then take a look at our glass art NZ Hangi Stones. They evoke the smooth oval form of river stones that are shaped by water. The Maori heat those river stones by fire. They then lay them into the earth in their traditional cooking pit – the Hangi.

Unique shape and 19 New Zealand colour schemes

In the context of glass art, the oval shape of our Hangi Stones is very unusual. Thus, the pieces have a unique connection to New Zealand. But it’s not only the shape. There are 19 different colour schemes available, all inspired by different New Zealand landscapes. From red fiery mountains, over the the orange and purple of the unique sunsets on Lake Taupo or bright blue of the Huka Falls to the green tones of the rolling hills.

Handmade in Taupo

Every Hangi stone is handmade by world-famous glassblower Lynden Over in our glassblowing studio in Taupo. Each piece is an original and signed by Lynden. The Hangi stones are part of Lynden Over’s signature range, the Volcanic Series. For each color scheme there are small, medium and large Teardrops, bowls, volcanic rocks and small and large Hangi Stones available.

Available worldwide via our online store

Purchase your Hangi stone conveniently from home via our glass art online shop. We ship our glass art worldwide and guarantee a safe arrival of the pieces at your front door.