Glass Art NZ XXL Volcanic Teardrops

Over the past few weeks, New Zealand master glass artist Lynden Over, with the help of his team at Lava Glass, has tested the limits of his glassblowing studio. He has created extra-large Volcanic Teardrops that go beyond any dimension of the normal big teardrops.

Limited Edition of Nine Pieces

The pieces are unique masterpieces and currently only 9 of these extra large works exist. The pictured Steamy Landscape piece can currently be admired in The Kinloch Club. The other 8 teardrops are on show in our gallery in Taupo. They are also available for purchase in our online store. Please find the links below.

XXL Estuary Teardrop
XXL Fiery Mountain Teardrop
XXL Huka Falls Teardrop
XXL Desert Road Teardrop
XXL Rainbow Mountain Teardrop
XXL Steamy Landscape Teardrop
XXL Tongariro Teardrop
XXL Wonderful Wai Teardrop