Glass Blowing

Marvel at the fascinating art of glass blowing in action at Lava Glass, a unique working studio in Taupo. Founder and resident artist, Lynden Over holds regular glass blowing demonstrations in the studio gallery. You can watch Lynden craft individual pieces of art – each different from the last.

All the kilns and furnaces in the studio have been made by Lynden Over to suit his specific requirements. The furnace at Lava Glass has a capacity to hold 90 litres of molten glass. Lynden batches once a week to top up the glass supply.

Come visit the glass blowing studio to see how glass art is made.

The process

Glass blowing is a mesmerising and seeing the artist at work is not an everyday experience.

The pre-cooked glass is melted down over a period of 5 -6 hours then held at 1300 degrees Celsius for 13 hours to ensure the melt becomes the pure and clean body.  This is necessary for a good batch of glass.

The furnace stays at a temperature of 1060 degrees Celsius all year round. It is never turned off unless maintenance on the pot (tank of glass) is required.