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These paperweights are original masterpieces by award-winning glass artist Lynden Over. They are excellently suited as New Zealand souvenirs, gifts, awards, collector’s items, and home decor accents.

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Kowhai Tree Paperweight

Lynden Over’s Kowhai Tree Paperweight is a sight to behold. The kowhai is New Zealand’s unofficial national flower. It is best known for its brilliant yellow flowers that appear in profusion in spring and stand out among the forest greenery. The kowhai is found throughout New Zealand in a diverse range of habitats from riparian forests, coastal cliff faces to inland grey scrub communities. Native birds such as the tui, bellbird, kaka and New Zealand pigeon all benefit from kowhai trees. They feast on leaves and flowers, so kowhai are an important seasonal nectar food source for them. Maori hold the tree in high esteem, valuing the durability of its hard wood and its many medicinal properties. Bark-infused liquid treats internal ailments, colds and sore throats. It is also used on cuts, bruises and swelling. Boiled and crushed bark treats sprains, alleviates broken limbs, bruises, infected skin, wounds and skin diseases. Flowering of the kowhai marks the time for planting kumara. The crafting process of the Kowhai Tree Paperweight is extremely complicated. Only a few glassblowers are able to make pieces like these. Due to the thickness of the glass, these paperweights have to be cooled in the annealer for several weeks before they can be polished. Each and every single one is a unique masterpiece.

Product Details

  • dimensions: 150 mm high (5.9 inches)
  • finish: shiny
  • original piece of glass art
  • made and signed by award-winning master glass artist Lynden Over
  • handcrafted in Lava Glass studio in Taupo, New Zealand

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